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The organization’s role and calling

Japan's culture, aesthetics, the "engine" behind its arts (their heart and soul), the thought processes and life philosophies of Japanese artists, are all highly unique. The cultural environments in which Japanese and European people are born, raised and live their daily lives, are fundamentally different from each other. While we receive much information about the Far East and Japanese arts through various channels these days, their exact, realistic and truthful deciphering is not an easy task. It is difficult to make sense of things heard, read or seen, if they are not coupled with personal experiences - if there is no system into which we could fit these various bits of information.

Our association would like to play part in disseminating genuine information about Japan and Japanese arts to those who are interested. We would like to aid in finding one's way in the plethora of traditional Japanese arts.

We believe that with practical application of theory - with our lectures, demonstrations and tea tastings - we can contribute to the understanding of:

  • Japanese tea ceremony and other traditional Japanese arts that are its vital components,
  • the role tea ceremony plays in the everyday lives of Japanese people,
  • the feasibility and significance of practicing tea ceremony outside of Japan.

We hope to provide more opportunities for the public to personally experience Japanese tea ceremony in Hungary, in light of Japanese esthetics and other Japanese arts.

Our activities mostly aim at propagating Japanese tea ceremony. This is the first step in establishing tea ceremony in Hungary, where it is still unknown, "foreign." There is a need to teach the basics, philosophies, meaning, concepts and atmosphere of the art. This will be the first step to developing a larger base of interested individuals, a group whose members actively practice tea ceremony and tea culture, incorporating its teachings and value system into their daily lives - establishing an active "tea life" in Hungary.

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