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Introduction of the Hungarian Japanese Tea Association

Welcome to the website of the Japanese Tea Association of Hungary!

The Japanese Tea Association of Hungary is the Hungarian representative of the Urasenke School of Japanese tea ceremony.

The aim of the association, according to its charter:

"The introduction, demonstration, and teaching of Japanese tea ceremony in Hungary, and the strengthening of the friendship between the peoples of Hungary and Japan through these activities."

The core of our association is made up of tea artists trained at the Urasenke Gakuen Chadō Senmon Gakkō, the Kyoto-based tea academy of the Urasenke School of Tea. Their calling is to popularize the philosophy and aesthetics that define the Urasenke tradition, and to actively practice Japanese tea ceremony with those who are interested in learning it.

Japanese consider tea ceremony to be a lifestyle, the art of living, rather than an art form in its conventional sense. One of its unique features is an unusual life philosophy rich with values, one that can be practiced while participating in the art as well as in everyday life. A possible goal of those who practice tea ceremony in Hungary may be to implant the value system of Japanese tea masters into the everyday elements of their life in a European cultural environment.

We hope you will visit this website and our events often, and that by reading, watching, or listening to us, or even as a member of our group, you may become an active student of Japanese culture. Please follow this site so that you may receive up-to-date information about our events, and may join our group's activities. While the information posted here may be mostly in Hungarian, please note that we also speak English and Japanese.

Please explore these pages and be our guest for a bowl of matcha!

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Club activity leaders, Urasenke scholars
Club activity leaders, Urasenke scholars   ...
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